EPANET 2 Manual

EPANET 2 ManualEPANET is a computer program that performs extended period simulations of hydraulic behavior and water quality in pressure distribution networks. In general, a network consists of pipes, knots (connections between pipes), pumps, valves and storage tanks vs tanks. EPANET determines the flow rate for each of the pipes, the pressure at each of the nodes, the water level in each tank and the concentration of different chemical components through the network during a given period of simulation analyzed in different Intervals of time. In addition to the knowledge of the concentration of different chemical components, it is possible to determine the time of permanence of the water in the pipes, as well as studies of the origin of the water in each point of the network.

EPANET is designed to be a development tool in increasing knowledge related to the movement and destination of water constituents in a distribution network. In fact, it can be used for many applications in the analysis of distribution systems. The design of sampling programs, calibration of hydraulic models, analysis of residual chlorine and assessment of the risk to the consumers are some of the applications that can be carried out. EPANET can also assist in the evaluation of different alternative management strategies for distribution systems, all aimed at improving water quality within the system. This includes an Alternative use of the sources of supply in systems that have multiple sources of supply, Variation of the schemes of pumping and of filling and emptying of the deposits, Use of satellite treatment techniques, such as reclaiming in certain storage tanks, Determination of pipes to be cleaned or replaced.

EPANET, which can be used under Windows operating systems, offers an integrated working environment for the editing of network input data, for hydraulic calculation and water quality simulations, and for visualizing the results obtained in a Wide variety of formats. This variety of formats includes color-coded blueprints, data tables, graphs with temporal evolutions of different variables, and planes with iso-curve curves.

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