DSE5110 Manual

DSE5110 Manual
The DSE 5110 autostart module has been designed to allow the OEM to meet increasing demand within the industry. It has been primarily designed to allow the user to start and stop the generator. The user also has the facility to view all the system operating parameters via the LCD display. The DSE 5110 module monitors the engine, indicating the operational status and fault conditions automatically shutting down the engine and giving a true first up fault condition of an engine failure by flashing COMMON ALARM LED. Exact failure mode information is indicated by the LCD display on the front panel.

The powerful Microprocessor contained within the module allows for a range of complex features to be incorporated as standard:
  • Graphical Icon based LCD display (excluding the need for translations and languages).
  • Engine parameter monitoring and instrumentation.
  • Generator Voltage, Frequency & Current instrumentation.
  • Fully configurable inputs for use as alarms or a range of different functions.
  • Extensive range of output functions using built-in relay outputs.
  • Front panel’ configuration of operating parameters.
  • PC configurable using 5xxx configuration software for Windows™ and P810 interface module.
The module is housed in a robust plastic case for front panel mounting. Connections to the module are via locking plug and sockets.

This DSE5110 Manual covered introduction, identification of original 5110 and new 5110, clarification of notation used within this publication, automatic and manual operation, protections, warnings, shutdowns, description of controls, power up LCD display, entering event log viewer, even log example entering configuration mode, editing an analogue value, editing a list value, timers and analogue settings, list item setting, configurable outputs, LCD indicators, configurable inputs, installation instructions, electrical connections, specification, commissioning, typical wiring diagram, fault finding, factory default setting, icons and LCD identification

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