D-Link DPR-1061 Manual

D-Link DPR-1061 ManualThe D-Link DPR-1061 from D-Link is an Ethernet / USB print server that connects to your Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, or USB network from wherever you want to provide printer services. Your DPR-1061 organizes and manages the stream of print files from workstations or file servers to the connected printers and transfers print jobs to printers much faster than a file server or a PC that acts as a print server. Equipped with a parallel IEEE1284 port and two USB 2.0 ports, the DPR-1061 can connect to virtually any printer on the market, regardless of the manufacturer, or which type or type of printer it is. A user-friendly software for installation on most Windows-based networks forms part of the scope of delivery of your DPR-1061. The protocols TCP / IP, NetBEUI and AppleTalk are supported. This ensures a smooth connection to the important network operating systems.

The DPR-1061 has an integrated Web-based management feature that allows you to easily configure and manage multiple printer queues over TCP / IP. The DPR-1061 improves the print performance in the network in the following way: Your DPR-1061 takes the tasks required to manage and manage print file traffic to its connected printers. This relieves your file servers, which can be used to access file access or other user-friendly network services. 2In peer-to-peer networks, workstations can send print jobs directly to the print server without increasing the workload of another workstation or server. The parallel printer port of the DPR-1061 is a bi-directional high-speed port, which complies with the IEEE1284 standard, allowing files to be transferred to laser printers much more quickly than through a parallel printer port on a PC. Thanks to such a connection to the parallel port of the printer, the entire capacity of a high-speed laser printer can be fully utilized.

Because of the portability and cost advantages of the DPR-1061 compared to a PC-based print server, and because it is connected to your file servers in the network, printers can also be used at locations that logistically provide the greatest benefits to users. Use the 'PS-Link' utility (a USB redirection software) to support the print/scan / fax/copy functions and the graphics programming interface (GDI / Graphical Device Interface) of the printer. Use PS Wizard, an easy-to-install printer software wizard, to add a network printer for conventional printing over TCP / IP under Windows.

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