Ricoh Aficio AP410 Manual

Ricoh Aficio AP410 ManualDownload Ricoh Aficio AP410 Manual User Guide - With the Aficio AP410 and AP410N, you are always at the front. It's high printing speeds and optimum connection possibilities make these systems ideal for printing solutions. For maximum productivity, you can send your print jobs with a simple click and use the direct printing feature for PDF documents. User friendliness or productivity increase? Efficient remote management or low total cost of purchase, operation, and maintenance (TCO)? Regardless of the priorities, you choose when choosing an office printer, the Aficio AP410, and AP410N will make your decision easy. An output speed of up to 27 pages per minute and an exceptionally high initial printing speed ensure maximum productivity. With native PDF and optional barcode printing, the Aficio AP410 and AP410N offer additional flexibility. Even the network administrator has everything under control at any time - the Aficio AP410 and AP410N even report by e-mail depending on the preselected preference. This efficient remote administration allows the built-in web server. In addition, these systems are not only beneficial in terms of acquisition but also in maintenance. The Aficio AP410 and AP410N provide increased productivity in your office. The first page delivers the printer after 7.5 seconds, then prints up to 27 pages per minute. These office printers also work in duplex printing almost without loss in speed. The RPCS page description language developed by Ricoh makes it easier to work with an icon-based interface - to start a print job, just click on the icon. This creates a productivity advantage of up to 30 percent.

The maintenance effort for the Aficio AP410 and AP410N is very low. The standard 500-sheet paper cassette and toner yield of 15,000 sheets also support real continuous operation. Additional paper magazines increase the total paper capacity to 1,600 sheets. In addition, the Aficio AP410 and AP410N offer a paper-saving duplex unit and an envelope feeder. The tool is not required for this - all modules snap in by hand. The Aficio AP410 and AP410N are the ideal printers for small workgroups. Not only are they fast, cheap and robust - the total costs for procurement, operation, and maintenance (TCO) remain sustainable. Toner changes and paper replenishment are decentralized by the users themselves. Both printers are compatible with all current connection protocols. The included software solutions make it easy to integrate into company-wide networks and are easy to use by administrators and users alike. When other printers have reached their limits, the Aficio AP410 and AP410N continue to operate at a constant power level. The optional hard drive supports the Locked Print function - confidential documents are printed from the control panel only after entering your password. And with Sample Print you can avoid misprints and unnecessary paper consumption. The Aficio AP410 and AP410N fit seamlessly into your office environment. Its parallel interface allows direct connection to older computers and the network card for Ethernet 10 Base-T / 100 Base-TX is preinstalled (accessory for Aficio AP410). Of course, the installation of FireWire (IEEE 1394), IEEE 802.11b (Wireless LAN) and Bluetooth is also an obstacle.

Table contents of Ricoh Aficio AP410 Manual
  • Guide to the printer; exterior, inside, control panel
  • Setting up; where to put the printer, unpacking the printer and checking the contents of the box, installing the toner cartridge, loading paper, turning the power on, selecting the display language, test printing
  • Installing options; available options, attaching paper feed unit type 400, envelope feeder type 400, memory unit type C, network interface board type 2610, 1394 interface unit type 4510, 802.11b interface unit type F, Bluetooth interface unit type C, hard disk drive type 2600, network data protection unit type B, AD450 (duplex unit)
  • Connecting the printer; network connection, USB connection, parallel connection IEEE 1349 connections
  • Configuration; ethernet configuration, IEEE 802.11b (wireless LAN) configuration, IEEE 1394 configuration
  • Installing the printer driver; quick install, install the operating instructions
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