Ricoh DD 6650P Manual

Ricoh DD 6650P ManualDownload Ricoh DD 6650P Manual User Guide -  The digital printer DD 6650P with an incredible 135 pages per minute (A4 + A3), it boosts your productivity while printing. At the same time, you benefit from the best picture quality in its class. The DD 6650P is extremely reliable and extremely easy to use, so it will meet all your requirements for high quality and high volume printing. This is by no means all that. In addition to network capability and comprehensive reporting, it is equipped with innovative, environment-friendly and energy-saving functions. The six-step print speed achieves exceptional 135 pages per minute, enabling professional print shops that need to manage high volumes, maximize productivity, and reduce costs. Its life span is unparalleled 15 million pages. A thicker film and a previous layer increase the lifespan of HQ master to 4,000 sheets, which is twice the life of a conventional master. The heart of the DD 6650P is Ricoh's innovative HQ system, which consists of an HQ master, HQ ink, and an automatic pressure control during printing. You'll notice the difference: no smearing, no printing, super-slit raster images and photos, fewer roll prints and stains. The system provides true 600 dpi scanning and master creation. The result is a consistent duplex output with high quality and multi-color prints that stand out.

The DD 6650P is designed to run without interruption. It's optimized paper feed reduces paper jams, feed errors and double feeds. If a feed error occurs, it is automatically detected by a sensor and the feed is repeated, so that it can be printed without interruption. A double pull is immediately recognized and displayed on the LCD display. Side boundaries in the output tray ensure optimal paper alignment. The interactive LCD touch screen is appealing and ergonomic. The user-friendliness is enhanced by large characters. Instructions are so easy to understand and follow. The print status can be read on the display at any time. Thanks to the precise pressure sensitivity of the buttons and individual buttons for printing and mastering, operator errors are reduced. An innovative paper tensioning system increases registration accuracy. The result is multi-color print with high quality - even on special paper. Use the PostScript module and use the Color Separation feature to create images of a quality close to the full color.

Use a standard network printer controller to work directly from a PC. The system is @ Remote-capable, so you can automatically capture counts and monitor your fleet. This saves you time, effort and costs that you would pay for the manual reading of master and page counters. Fleet reports help to optimize the system configuration, improve workflow, create an optimized system fleet, and significantly reduce running costs. Ricoh helps you reduce the environmental impact. Since the digital printer does not need heat for printing, its power consumption is very low. When the automatic shutdown function is activated, the system switches itself off after a certain time to reduce the power consumption to zero. In addition, this eco-friendly digital printer complies with Energy Star. This system requires little energy for operation. This reduces the total operating costs and protects the environment at the same time.

Table of contents Ricoh DD 6650P Manual
  • Read This First; What You Can Do with This Machine, How to Read This Manual, Model-Specific Information.
  • Getting Started; Guide to Components, Options,control panel, display panel, recommended paper sizes and types, print size, preparations for printing, turning on/off the power
  • Basic printing; basic procedure, sample print, and adjustment, selecting the original type, reducing or enlarging originals, changing the printing speed, economy mode
  • Advanced printing; printing on thick paper, printing onto envelopes, printing onto special paper, adjusting the print image density, directional magnifications, directional size magnification, combine, class setting, separate, image repeat, centering, erase border, margin, adjustment, overlay, preset stamp, make-up printing features, command sheets for make-up printing, quality start, skip feed, security, conserving the master, double feed, storing file, programs, color printing, changing the drum size
  • User tools; accessing user tools, user tools menu, user code
  • Adding supplies; adding paper, adding ink, replacing the master roll
  • Troubleshooting; if the machine does not work as required, if you cannot make clear prints, printing problems, when the open cover/unit indicators is lit, when the master eject indicator is lit, when print are not delivered in a neat stack, clearing misfeeds
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