Panasonic KX-TG2730S Operating Instructions Manual

Panasonic KX-TG2730S Operating Instructions ManualPanasonic KX-TG2730S Operating Instructions Manual - Please read the important safety instructions on page 94 before use. Read and understand all instructions. A Ni-Cd battery powers the rechargeable handset. Charge the battery for about 15 hours before first use. The calls are transmitted between the base unit and the handset by radio. For maximum distance and interference-free operation, the recommended basic unit location is the distance from electrical appliances such as TV, PC or another cordless telephone. In the high and central location without obstacles such as walls. If you are near a microwave oven, the noise from the receiver or loudspeaker can be heard. Away from the microwave and closer to the base station. If you use the handset near another cordless base unit, noise can be heard. Stay away from the other mobile phone base unit and closer to the base station.

The handset screen will remain on for a few seconds after pressing the remote control to start the operation, lift the handset or press the key to see the operation as a hanging call to end call list/directory or programming. Replacing the batteries in the handset, place the batteries in the handset as shown, the correct polarity (#). Press the battery down until it is placed into the tray ($). When finished, close. Charging Place the handset on the base station and charge for about 15 hours before the first use. Acoustic signal sounds and "Charge" is displayed. You can record a personal greeting of up to 2 minutes. If an announcement is not recorded, one of the two previously recorded announcements will be played when a call is received (p.23). All messages (greeting, incoming, memo, etc.) are stored in a digital memory (page 23). The total recording time of about 15 minutes. We recommend that you record a short message (see below) to allow more time to record new messages.

This Panasonic KX-TG2730S Operating Instructions Manual covered Location of Controls, Displays, Installation, Programmable Settings, Preparing the Answering System, Registration for Additional Handsets, Making Calls, Answering Calls, Caller ID Service, Using the Caller List, Speed Dialer, Directory, Intercom, Transferring a Call, Conference, Room Monitor Feature, 2-Way Radio Communication (When the System Has Additional Handsets), Special Features, Mailbox Features, Automatic Answering Operation, Listening to Messages, Erasing Messages, Recording a Memo Message, Transferring a Call to a Mailbox, Remote Operation with the Handset, Remote Operation from a Touch Tone Phone, Belt Clip, Optional Headset, Wall Mounting, Adding Another Phone, Battery Replacement, Canceling Registration/Re-registration, If the Following Appear, Troubleshooting, Important Safety Instructions, FCC and Other Information, Specifications.

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