Panasonic DMC-GH2 Operating Instructions Manual

Panasonic DMC-GH2 Operating Instructions ManualPanasonic DMC-GH2 Operating Instructions Manual - The Lumix DMC-GH2 is the flagship of Panasonic's mirrorless system cameras. From its smaller sister G2, it is distinguished by a higher resolution, improved video functions with Full HD resolution and a Panasonic "superfast" autofocus. The GH2 is therefore recommended as a photo and video camera from the paper form. Our detailed test is to determine whether the Lumix GH2 in practice and in the test lab holds what it promises on the paper. The compact casing combines a wide range of recording options with exceptional operating convenience. In addition to the intuitive touchscreen control, the super-fast autofocus of the GH2 is particularly noteworthy. Even conventional DSLRs with phase AF are rarely reached [0,1 s with Lumix G Vario HD 4,0-5,8 / 14 -140mm ASPH. From 8 to 2 m at wide angle and lens firmware from 1.3. Panasonic internal measurement.

The central components of the camera are the new High Speed-Live MOS-Sensor with 16 Megapixel resolution and the new image processor Venus Engine Full HD. Together they stand for a significantly improved image quality with high resolution, differentiated tonal value reproduction, low noise and sensitivities up to ISO 12,800. The 7.5 cm large, rotating and swiveling touch screen LCD monitor and the newly developed electronic multi-format viewfinder with an increased resolution of 1.53 million points ensure the safe control of all image-important factors and camera settings under different shooting conditions - and In real-time and with 100% image field. With its video quality, the Lumix GH2 surpasses the much-praised winner of numerous tests, the GH1, again. Innovative is the full HD video function with 1,920 x 1,080 pixels in the 50i mode for quiet, sharp video mobiles with 50p sensor output. Several modes are available for video recording. In addition to the comfortable motif programs and the possibility to manually select the time and aperture, the new "Cinema" mode ensures the popular classic "cinema look" of the pictures. The optimal bit rate of 24 Mbps is the basis for the excellent picture quality. Also new are the variable picture frequencies during recording, which allow slow motion or slow-motion recording (80%, 160%, 200%, 300% of the normal speed). The image output is also via HDMI interface in real time and thus allows the use of professional control monitors already at the recording. Full-HD videos (1,920x1,080) are recorded with 50i. HD videos (1,280x720) are output and recorded in 50p as well. Intelligent automatic mode for photo and video recording is enhanced by intelligent dynamic range control.

For the right focus, simply tap on the desired subject detail on the touchscreen LCD monitor to focus the fast and accurate contrast autofocus on it and even trigger it, if desired. The convenient and handy touchscreen operation has been adapted by the popular DMC-G2 and provides great service for numerous photo and video functions during recording and playback. The consistent expansion of the Lumix G interchange lenses ensures an extended versatility for both photo and video. The sum of the high-performance components and the most advanced technology make the Lumix GH2 photo / HD video hybrid camera a powerful imaging tool for discerning photographers and filmmakers right into the professional field.

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