Leader's Basic Training Manual

Leader's Basic Training Manual
This guide provides examples of Basic Leadership training with the aim to support the manager in a local group RCY. RCY group consisting of children, teenagers or young adults either. This course provides executives the knowledge and skills to carry out their work RCY. This underlines RCY program, to plan the role of leader and program methods. The user is free to all, leaders or who want to start training in a broad sense to build a leadership training program. This guide provides an introduction to the concept of training and example programs that you can use in the course of setting up Basic Leadership Training. This is not a complete program, but it can be a help, to begin with. This program can and should be adapted to the situation of the National Society, the executives who participated in the course and work on the road, as the coach decides.

The Executive is very important for youth employment, they can be either adults or older adolescents who take the leading role for children or youth groups. A good leader can be appointed to the task or become an informal leader who is responsible for the peer group. All support needs in a variety of ways, one way is by providing training opportunities. A national implementation program usually includes several steps. The first is a basic course. Examples are as presented in this manual.

basic training for leaders RCY should contain about group dynamics and the role of the leader, the introduction of organizational, leadership functions, meetings. Even a discussion on the situation in society and issues of importance to young people who addressed. In order to gain some experience planning action program, session details for programming. All three ranges are affected in such a basic course.

Leadership training developed in three areas to be developed, which means that issues such as personal development, decision making, teamwork, and communication included. National Society may also specialized courses or workshops on the various activities of the RC program and RCY as AIDS prevention, first aid, social activities.

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