D-Link DPR-1040 Manual

D-Link DPR-1040 ManualWith this powerful print server, you can quickly and cost-effectively integrate your printers and multifunction devices into a network. The DPR-1040 is equipped with a USB 2.0 printer interface. Via the 10/100 MBit / s LAN interface, the DPR-1040 is integrated into the network and processes and manages all incoming print jobs with a high print/data throughput. Via its integrated wireless LAN interface, print jobs can be transferred wirelessly at a speed of up to 54 Mbps. Expensive printers and multifunction devices, which only have a USB port and could only be used from a single workstation, can now be made available to all users on the network. In addition to printing, the DPR-1040 also enables the use of the scanning and fax function and is thus ideally suited for use with multifunctional devices.

Thanks to its powerful CPU and a large buffer memory, print, scan and fax functions can be used simultaneously from all connected devices. Thus, the DPR-1040 accelerates network operation and provides the performance as three separate devices. The DPR-1040 is compatible with many different USB printers and multifunctional devices. It also supports a variety of operating systems such as Windows, MAC OS, Linux, and Unix. The print server can thus be used flexibly in any existing network environment. In addition, it supports the Internet Printing Protocol (IPP) and allows users to start their print jobs over the Internet. Network administrators can query important information about the connected devices at any time, as well as monitor the status of print jobs. In addition, access rights can be granted for the individual printers / multifunction devices.

D-Link DPR-1040 Manual covered Package Contents, Introduction, External Features, Wireless Basics, Wireless Installation Considerations, WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup), Setting up the DPR-1040, Getting Started, Using PS Software, Using the Web Configurator, TCP/IP Printing for Windows Vista, TCP/IP Printing for Windows XP, TCP/IP Printing for Windows 2000, Setting up Printing in Mac OS X Tiger (10.4.9), Technical Specifications, Contacting Technical Support, Warranty and Registration, DPR-1040 Printer Compatibility List.

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