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Renault Clio ManualThis guide contains information necessary to familiarize yourself with your vehicle are accustomed to using it optimally and all features and technical developments related to taking full advantage. To ensure that it always gives the best performance by following the simple advice, yet comprehensive for routine maintenance. So you can deal quickly with minor defects that do not require special attention. It takes a few minutes to read this guide to familiarize yourself with the information contained in it and landing on the vehicle and the new functions and features. If some points that are still unclear, our Network technicians ready only too happy to provide further  Description of the model in this manual is based on the technical specifications at the time of writing. This guide includes all the equipment available for this model (both standard and optional), regardless of whether they are connected to the vehicle or not. It depends on the version, options, and state where the vehicle is sold. This guide also contains information about the device, introduced in the model year later.

Never leave an animal, child or adult, who is not self-sufficient, even for a short time. They can pose a danger to themselves or others by starting the engine, activating equipment such as electric windows or locking the doors. Note also in hot weather and/or bright, that the temperature in the passenger compartment increases very quickly. Ensure that the correct type of battery used and that the battery is installed properly. Age approximately two years: replace it when the message on the dashboard "keycard BATTERY LOW" appears (see Chapter 5, "RENAULT card: Battery"). This varies depending on the environment: When handling the RENAULT card, make sure that the door accidentally locked or unlocked by pressing keys accidentally. The integrated key is used to lock or unlock the front left door when the RENAULT card does not work: - when the RENAULT card battery is depleted, flat battery, etc. - use of devices that have the same frequency as the card use; - Vehicles in the zone of high electromagnetic radiation.

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