Lenovo A1000 Manual

Lenovo A1000 Manual
Before using this Lenovo A1000 Manual information and the product it supports, be sure to read the following: Start Guide quick notice regulatory appendix the Quick Start Guide and the regulatory notice have been uploaded on the website at http://support.lenovo.com specifications techniques this section lists technical specifications about wireless communication only. To see a complete list of the technical specifications of your phone, go to http://suport.lenovo.com. The home screen is the starting point to use the phone. For your convenience, the main screen is already configured with some applications and useful widgets. The functions of the phone and the home screen may be different depending on your location, language, carrier and model.

You can add, move, or delete a screen with Screen Manager. 1 press and hold the Menu button, and then click Administrator screens. Or pinch fingers on any home screen to launch Screen Manager. Suggestion: Manager screen displays thumbnails of the home screen. The default home screen has its miniature while the other home screens have their thumbnails. 2. perform one of the following: to add a home screen, touch. To move a home screen, hold a miniature of the screen until it slightly bigger, drag it to the new location, and then release it. To delete a blank home screen, touch on the screen. To set one as the default home screen, touch screen thumbnail.

When you connect your phone to a computer using a USB cable, the notification pane displays a notification as "Connected as a multimedia device". You can tap the notification, and then select one of the following options: (MTP) multimedia device: Select this mode if you want to transfer media files like photos, videos, and ringtones between your phone and your computer. Camera (PTP): Select this mode if you want to transfer only photos and videos between your phone and computer. USB debug: Select this mode to enable debugging. Then you can use tools like Idea Tool on your computer to manage the data on your phone.

In edit mode, you can add and move a widget or an application, create application folders and uninstall an application. 1 presses the Menu button, and then click Edit. Or press and hold anywhere on the home screen to quickly enter the edit mode. 2. perform one of the following: to add a widget to the home screen, slide the boxes to the left or the right, hold a widget until it appears, drag it to where you want to place it, and then release it. To move a widget or an application, press and hold the widget or application until its icon will enlarge slightly, drag it to where you want to place it, and then release it. To create an application folder, press and hold an application until its icon expands slightly, and then drag it to another application. To uninstall an application, hold down the application, slide your finger to the top of the screen, and then release the application. Note: System applications cannot be uninstalled. When you try to uninstall an application from the system, it appears at the top of the screen. And remember, "this is an implementation of the system and it can not be uninstalled".

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