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Develop Ineo+ 452 ManualDownload Develop Ineo+ 452 User Manual - The first impression is often decisive. In companies and departments, which also attach importance to their external presentation in the day-to-day business, a printing system can, therefore, be an important performer. Convincing printing and color quality, great media diversity, ease of use and, ultimately, low operating costs are also standard features of the ineo + 452. On the one hand, it makes a significant contribution to the quality of the entire business communication; on the other hand, it drives the work processes significantly New standards. When it comes to an excellent first impression, the ineo + 452 also scores visually. The unique design of the system with its swiveling color display sets new standards at every place. 

And in the second impression, the ineo + 452 lays down once again: it prints in color and black and white so sharply and brilliantly that the comparison with the market - leading systems from the production sector is close. While in other color systems the pressure in black and white is comparatively expensive, the ineo + 452 can convince especially with a price that otherwise only pure black and white systems can offer. Among the best in their class are the options for finishing and productivity. And the fact that the operating costs of the ineo + 452 are extremely low is due not least to the innovative energy - saving heating technology of the fusing unit.

Ineo + 452 has additional features that offer improved functionality beyond the standard safety functions. The IPsec protocol encryption is an example of this. It ensures secure communication paths for all documents within the network. The hard drive can be encrypted by default and protects all storage data from unauthorized access. The authentication with the optional fingerprint scanner or an access card limits the system access only to authorized users: comfortable and user - friendly. With this comprehensive safety feature, it is no surprise that the ineo + 452 is certified with ISO 15408 EAL3 - the highest standard for multifunctional systems in the industry.

Those who act responsibly today make their contribution to the future. The ineo + 452 is a practical example of the importance of environmental protection at Develop. It is awarded the blue environmental gel and the Energy Star. Because 40 percent less CO2 is emitted during the production of the polymerized toner than with conventional toner. Because more than 90 percent of the components are recyclable. Moreover, the ineo systems consume only energy when they are running, and turn off automatically when they are no longer in operation.

Speed and quality are the two most important factors for the successful communication of a company. Presentations, mailings, and other documents need to be produced quickly - but this must not be at the expense of quality. To meet the growing expectation, the ineo + 452 prints in b / w and color in a quality that is close to offsetting printing and offers a wide range of finishing options.

The ineo + 452 impresses with the variety of finishing options. Brochures can be produced not only in standard formats but also in A3 format. Up to 60 pages can be stapled and punched, which makes your own presentations even more professional. And the best thing: the ineo + 452 is also designed for high speeds during finishing. The results are convincing: Perfectly crafted documents no longer allow the issue of outsourcing in printing and finishing.

With the ineo controller and the optional Fiery Controller, the ineo + 452 offers, even more, possibilities for color management because both controllers can be used in parallel. While ordinary office documents run through the ineo controller, the Fiery Controller is designed for more sophisticated color management, such as ICC Profile Support, and synchronizes digital documents and printouts to perfection. Conclusion: From the beginning, the ineo + 452 convinces with excellent quality and improves the efficiency of the work processes.

Table of contents Develop Ineo+ 452 Manual
  • Introduction; energy star, explanation of manual conventions, descriptions, and symbols for original and paper, legal restrictions on copying, safety information, regulation notices, caution notations and labels, space requirements, options, operating precautions, OpenSSL statement, software license agreement.
  • Copy operations; control panel, basic settings screens, icons that appear in the screen, turning on the main power and the auxiliary power, loading paper into tray 1 tray 2 tray 3 tray 4 into the LCT and into the bypass tray, feeding the document, selecting a paper setting, specifying a zoom setting, selecting an original copy setting, selecting a combined copy setting, selecting the quality of the document, selecting finishing setting, selecting a folding setting.
  • Print Operations; setting up the PCL driver for windows, setting up the postscript driver for windows, sending a fax, setting up the fax driver for windows, using a phone book
  • Box operations; saving copy scan printouts in user boxes, overview of document organizing, deleting a document, changing the document name, moving a document, secure print user box, encrypted PDF user box
  • Network scanner operations; using scan fax programs, sending data in an email message (scan to email), sending data to a computer on the network (scan to SMB), sending data to a server (scan to FTP)
  • Web connection operations; information tab, job tab, box tab, direct print tab, store address tab
  • Fax operation; loading the original, specifying scanning conditions, sending a fas using a program destination, reserving a transmission, sending a fax after specifying a time
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