Casio WK-7500 Manual

Please keep Casio WK-7500 Manual all information for future reference. Before trying to use the keyboard, be sure to read the separate “Safety Precautions”. Please note the following important information before using this product. Before using the optional AC Adaptor to power the unit, be sure to check the AC Adaptor for any damage first. Carefully check the power cord for breakage, cuts, exposed wire and other serious damage. Never let children use an AC adaptor that is seriously damaged. Never attempt to recharge batteries. Do not use rechargeable batteries. Never mix old batteries with new ones. Use recommended batteries or equivalent types. Always make sure that positive (+) and negative (–) poles are facing correctly as indicated near the battery compartment. Replace batteries as soon as possible after any sign they are getting weak. Do not short-circuit the battery terminals. The product is not intended for children under 3 years. Use only a CASIO AD-A12150LW adaptor. The AC adaptor is not a toy. Be sure to disconnect the AC adaptor before cleaning the product.

Casio WK-7500 Manual

This section explains the contents of the Digital Keyboard’s display screen. This area displays a variety of information while the Digital Keyboard is being used. Use this area to confirm proper operation when changing values, when selecting a menu item, and when performing other operations. This level meter shows the volume level of the notes that are sounded when you play something on the keyboard or when Auto Accompaniment is played. There are a total of 32 parts, 16 each in Group A and Group B. The L indicator will be displayed in the lower left corner while Group A parts are being indicated by the level meter, while the M indicator will be displayed in the lower left corner while Group B parts are being indicated. For details about parts, see “How Parts are Organized” (page E-36).

Your Digital Keyboard is equipped with a song sequencer and other features that you can use to store data you create. This stored data is retained even when the Digital Keyboard is turned off.* However, the tone, rhythm, and other settings you configure on the Digital Keyboard’s console normally are returned to their initial power on defaults whenever you turn off power. You can configure the Digital Keyboard so it remembers its latest setup or to apply a predetermined default setup each time you turn it on. For details, see “AutoResume (Auto Resume)” (page E-134) and “Default (Default Settings)” (page E-134). You can delete all data in keyboard memory and return all keyboard parameters to their initial factory default settings. For details, see “To initialize all data and settings (or parameter settings only)” (page E-135).

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