D-Link DIR-635 Manual

D-Link DIR-635 Manual
The D-Link DIR-635 Wireless N IP Router complies with the 802.11n (Draft) standard and delivers real performance up to 650% higher than 802.11g WLAN and faster than 100Mbps Ethernet. Connect the DIR-635 to a cable or DSL modem and share your fast Internet access with all users on the network. Create a secure WLAN to share photos, files, music, videos, printers and storage space throughout the home. With the built-in excellent QoS engine, the router provides a trouble-free internet experience for easy VoIP and online gaming. With the Wireless N technology, this high-performance router provides superior wireless coverage without ghosting. The Wireless N IP Router is designed for use in larger homes and for users who demand high network performance. Use a wireless N notebook or desktop adapter and you are literally online anywhere in your home.

The Wireless N IP Router supports the latest WLAN security features to prevent unauthorized access from Wi-Fi or the Internet. The support of TM TM's latest encryption standards, WPA and WPA2, provides maximum WLAN security. In addition, the Wireless N IP Router protects against potential Internet attacks through two firewall mechanisms (SPI and NAT). The best WLAN performance, the best network security, and the best wireless coverage make the Wireless N IP Router the ideal heart of your WLAN. Connect the D-Link WirelessN IP Router to your cable or DSL modem and share your fast Internet access with all computers in your home. This router ensures fast and completely secure WLAN. Experience a completely new surfing pleasure and increase the range of your WLAN with the D-Link Wireless N IP Router.

The DIR-635 is equipped with a USB port for WCN (Windows Connect Now (TM)). With this MS-Windows feature, you can build your network very easily and secure it securely. Simply start WCN on your Windows PC and specify the network key and the encryption method. Then simply save this configuration on a USB stick. All devices on your network which support the WCN function can now be configured by simply plugging the USB stick into the device. The generated WCN configuration is then automatically recognized and accepted. This means that you only have to configure the network once and can add additional devices to your network at a later date.

Based on the current 802.11n (Draft) specification, the Wireless N technology provides true performance that is up to 650% higher than 802.11g and faster than 100Mbps 1 Ethernet. The WLAN signals are amplified and thus ensure a higher range of your wireless network. This gives the DIR-635 the best wireless range in its class. They transfer files on the network faster and literally access the Internet from anywhere in your home if you use a wireless N adapter for your desktop computer or notebook.

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