Panasonic DX750 Manual

Panasonic DX750 Manual
High-end image quality, true to the developer's determination Panasonic's high-end 4K Pro TVs is designed to deliver true-to-life image quality to the developer's original intentions. They combine Panasonic's state-of-the-art Studio Master HCX processors with professional-grade color management technology and wide color gamut screens to capture all the nuances and details of the original film. The precise 4K image processing adjusted to the Panasonic Hollywood Lab in Hollywood The 4K Studio Master HCX processor represents the pinnacle of Panasonic's image processing technology. Based on the know-how of our plasma televisions and professional broadcasting equipment in terms of color, black level, and brightness, this system has also been adjusted by the Panasonic Hollywood Laboratory to An image faithful to the will of the director. New "Cinema Display" screens are calibrated in such a way that the director's vision is perfectly reproduced. They combine cinematic quality colors, with a Local Dimming to provide deep blacks, subtle color shades, and exceptional brightness levels. 

Designed for reading High Dynamic Range content with exceptional brightness peaks. HDR-compatible TVs offer images that are far more realistic than standard TVs. Deep blacks associated with intense bright details, to reproduce a level of realism never reached on a television set. A fast, intuitive and selective access to the content you desire. With the new home screen based on the Firefox OS system, access to the content of your choice is simple and intuitive. A frame inspired by the interior design for simple and elegant models A "Flexible" design that blends into any interior, combined with an adjustable base in two different positions.

Please read these Panasonic DX750 Manual instructions carefully before use and keep them for later reference. Please read the "Safety Precautions" to this manual before use. The images presented in this manual are given as a guide only. The illustration for Panasonic DX750 is used in Unless otherwise stated. The illustrations shown may differ according to the model. Recording and playback of content on this or Another device may require the permission of the owner Of copyright or other rights related to that content. Panasonic has no power of You this permission and explicitly disclaims all right,. Your intention to get such permission on your Name. It is your responsibility to ensure that your use This device or any other device conforms to the Legislation of your country's copyright law. Please refer to this National legislation for more information on the laws Regulations in question or contact the holder of The content that you want to record or play.

Table of contents Panasonic DX750 Manual
  • Be Sure to Read; Important Notice  Safety Precautions 
  • Quick Start Guide; Accessories  Connections Identifying Control First time Auto Setup
  • Using your VIERA; Watching TV How to Use eHELP   Viewing 3D images
  • Others FAQs  Maintenance Specifications

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