Nikon D3100 Manual

You can easily hold the beauty of fleeting moments with the new D3100. This digital SLR camera with a variety of features amazed by its simplicity and convinces with excellent results. No matter whether snapshots, carefully arranged still lifes or full-HD movies you will be excited, how easy it all is with the D3100. Nikon has equipped with a newly developed CMOS sensor the D3100, which enables an exceptional sharpness of detail and gentle, natural colour gradients. No matter, whether you take photos or full-HD movie sequences, the sensor ensures always high image quality. Thanks to the high number of pixels of the D3100 sensor you get razor sharp photos that show even the finest nuances of the original subject with minimal noise - ideal for very fine structures and background blur without grit. EXPEED 2 marks the beginning of a new era. they have combined their extensive technical know-how - the result is the best image processor there ever by Nikon! EXPEED 2 leverages the power of the CMOS sensor and provides you with clear, realistic images in vibrant colours, with minimal noise and smooth color transitions for exceptional photos and film sequences.
Nikon D3100 Manual

At a maximum ISO speed of 3,200 (the default scope), you can record images with short exposure times. Movement and camera shake can be avoided even in low light conditions. Interior shots or shots in the twilight look especially natural, without the need for tripod or Flash. In addition, movements in dynamic situations with short exposure times can be frozen better as children at play or sporting events. The settings» hi 1 «and» Hi 2 «ensure the D3100 a higher sensitivity ISO 6,400 or 12,800. A magical portrait against a slightly blurred background and a pair of ├╝bergl├╝ckliches surrounded by a sea of lights. The guide mode of the D3100 shows you how to easily absorb such photos - in the camera's internal instructions will be explained step by step how to change camera settings. In guide mode, simply select a setting that corresponds to the subject, and get help from the guide mode. They not only the desired results, but also learn how to reach them. The guide mode displays even sample photos so you can immediately see what influence will have a setting on the final image.

Live view allows very intuitive and familiar way to take photos-playing children or pets. You have to press one button - and you're ready to go. If LiveView enabled and the new permanent auto-focus (AF-F) is selected, the camera focuses continuously on the motives, without that the trigger for this purpose must be pressed - this makes it even more convenient the photography and filming. There is also a portrait of AF with the faces is focused on, even if the respective people not directly in the camera. With live view can be so easy to use the D3100 as a compact camera. Movies about a digital SLR is none. You'll notice the difference immediately. A wide range of NIKKOR lenses allows you to realize exceptional angle and deliberately to limit the depth of field. Thereby, the excellent image processing system the D3100 delivers exceptional quality. And they can keep filming moving subjects thanks to the new motif tracking focus. After the shooting of the movie, you can view them on the large 7.5 cm (3 inch) monitor and immediately edit, cut scenes for example, or extract photos. Thanks to HDMI compatibility  can connect the D3100 to an HD TV. The playback is controlled via the TV remote control.

The precise high speed auto focus of the D3100 responds immediately to altered motifs or images. Even volatile movements and fast sport movements are recorded with point accuracy. The important central focus point has a cross type sensor and the redesigned mark of the measuring fields contributes to a clear, clutter-free viewfinder image. «For almost any situation, there is the appropriate mode for the control of the measuring fields, including» Autom. Measuring field groups. «, with which the camera automatically detects the main subject and that sharp provides, as well as» 3D-Tracking«*, with the the subject affected by changes of the image section in the focus remains, as long as the shutter button is pressed to the first pressure point. The exclusive scene recognition system Nikon uses analysis of framing, a 420-pixel RGBSensor immediately before you take the picture. Autofocus, exposure and white balance are automatically optimized so you get beautiful photos without having to make even complicated changes to the camera settings. The face recognition also uses the scene recognition system for a better accuracy and definition, as well as an immediate face zoom in playback mode.

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