Ferrari 599 GTO Owners Manual

Ferrari 599 GTO Owners ManualThe aim of this Ferrari 599 GTO Owner’s Manual is to help you get the best value from your vehicle and to provide information on routine maintenance: we advise you to read it carefully before setting out. The Owner's Manual should be considered an integral part of the vehicle and must therefore always be kept on board. Using the vehicle in a way that does NOT comply with the Owner's Manual not only exonerates Ferrari of any responsibility but also puts the person at great risk. The high quality level of the vehicle is subject to constant technological improvements. Therefore, there may be differences between this manual and your vehicle. The Ferrari Sales and Service Network will provide you with all the information on any updates. All specifications and illustrations contained in this manual refer to those resulting as of the printing date. When replacing parts or topping up with lubricants and fluids, we recommend that you use original spare parts and the lubricants and fluids recommended by Ferrari.
Each new vehicle comes equipped with a “Warranty Booklet”. This contains the vehicle’s warranty validity conditions. This warranty does not affect the buyer's statutory rights as a consumer, which derive from binding legal norms in his or her favour, in the various states or countries or from European Union regulations, towards the Dealer. The Warranty Booklet also contains the routine maintenance indicated in the “Maintenance Schedule”. The Ferrari warranty is voided if Original Ferrari Spare Parts are NOT used for repairs.

The information in this manual is necessary for the use and proper care of the vehicle. In addition, Customers will get maximum satisfaction and results from the vehicle if they carefully follow the instructions contained in it. We recommend that you have all the checks and services performed at Ferrari Authorised Workshops since they have highly skilled staff and the necessary equipment. Please refer to the “Sales and Service Organisation” manual for information on the location of the Ferrari Dealers and Authorised Service Centres. The Ferrari Technical Service Department is at your complete disposal for any information and advice.

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