Sony PMW-F55 Manual

Sony PMW-F55Before operating the unit, please read this Sony PMW-F55 manual thoroughly and retain it for future reference. The PMW-F55/F5 is a highly compact, lightweight and high-performance CineAlta 4K camera with a 4K Super 35mm equivalent Singlechip CMOS image sensor. The PMW-F55’s CMOS image sensor with global shutter function allows you to shoot clear 4K images without rolling shutter distortion or flash band phenomenon for perfect HD recording performance.

The PMW-F5’s 4K image sensor allows you to record high quality HD pictures. You can record in MPEG2 HD video format, in addition to the new 4K-compatible format, XAVC, by using an SxS memory card. 4K RAW data can be recorded by using the portable recorder, AXS-R5, which adopts the newly developed access memory card (AXSM). The camcorder adopts the same native FZ mount used by the PMW-F3. You can use a variety of cine lenses (PL mount) so that the PL/FZ conversion adaptor comes standard.

The camcorder is compatible with the new format, XAVC (official name: MPEG4 AVC/ H.264 Hi422 Profiles/Level 5.2), and can record 4K: 4096 × 2160, HD: 1920 × 1080. The camcorder is also compatible with frame rates from 23.98P to 59.94P. For high-speed shooting, you can record 1 fps to 60 fps for XAVC HD recording in the S & Q mode. The recommended media for XAVC recording is the newly developed SxS PRO+ memory card. The camcorder is also compatible with MPEG2 HD 422, adopted for XDCAM, and your existing workflow can be used.

The camcorder is a modular design that allows you to configure the camcorder according to shooting circumstances, whether for cinema production, drama, commercials, 3D shooting, documentary filming, interviews, etc. The handle, viewfinder, audio connector panel, and portable recorder can be removed according to shooting requirements. The body and handle of the camcorder have multiple 1/4” and 3/8” mount points, you can attach the standard accessories easily.

The camcorder has a 4K Super 35mm equivalent Single-chip CMOS image sensor of 11,600,000 pixels, with effective pixels count of 8,900,000, for 4K/HD recording. The CMOS image sensor of the PMW-F55 includes a global shutter function that allows you to shoot clear images without rolling shutter distortion or flash band phenomenon that occurs with a traditional film camera. The camcorder adopts a color filter that emphasizes color reproduction compatible with wide color area (exceeding that of color film), allowing for near human vision image representation capability.

The camcorder has a 14-stop latitude that can reproduce images captured by the CMOS sensor with smooth gradation of black to white. Exmor Super35 CMOS technology provides low noise levels, even with 4K resolution and 14-stop latitude maintained. 4K/HD simultaneous recording and high-speed recording with unlimited recording time is possible with single LSI chip processing of both camera signals and baseband video signals. Single-chip design provides stable, high-speed 4K 59.94P baseband video processing, low power consumption, and compact design.

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