EPSON L355 Manual

EPSON L355Before using this printer, you should read first this Epson L355 manual user guide which contains information to identify the basic features of your printer, you can adjust the position of a control panel that allows you when to use it. Excess Epson L3 you can change the default paper size A4 or Letter from the control panel, but before changing paper size, you should make sure that the printer is turned off. This printer is equipped with technology power off timer, whereby when the printer is not used for a certain period of time according to your settings, then the printer will turn off so that you can save energy, you can see how to use the power off timer on a computer that uses Windows OS or Mac Os in this manual.
You can use the Epson iPrint Mobile App to enable you to printing Microsoft Office documents, photos, emails and web pages through a wireless network with a Smartphone or tablet. You can download Epson iPrint Mobile App for Apple and android for free, or visit the Epson website for further information about Epson iPrint Mobile App and check the compatibility of your mobile device. Make sure you have installed the software and driver EPSON L355 for Windows or Mac OS on your computer before using this printer to print a document or photo, you can download or update the software or driver directly from Epson website if you have an internet connection

Every time you want print a document or photo make sure the ink is still enough to print, if the ink tank is low even empty do not continue to print, print in a state of low ink tanks can be resulted in damage to the printer, you must refill ink tank in accordance with existing procedures in this manual. If after refilling ink tank prints photo or documents decreased quality you may need to run a utility to clean or align the print head.

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