Garmin GPS 12 Manual

Garmin GPS 12 ManualTake your time to read through the Garmin GPS 12 owners manual in order to understand the operating features and maintains the troubleshooting of the GPS 12 to get the most from your new Garmin GPS 12. This manual is organized into four section for your convenience. The satellite page shows the positions of the satellites and the intensity of the signal. The satellite positions are displayed using two circles and a central point. The outer circle shows the satellites on the level with the horizon; The inner circle is 45 degree above the horizon, and the central point represents satellites directly over the head. Know the positions of the satellites will show you the direction of any blocked signal. The lower part of the page contains a row of bars of signal strength for each satellite being used. The position page shows you where is, which direction is going and how fast. The top of the page contains a tape of the compass which is a graphical representation of your title (or "track"). Your track and speed shown immediately below.

The map page acts as a window. Allows you to see your position, the "path" which has traveled and the nearby waypoints. An icon of diamond in the center of the screen represents your current position. As it moves, you will see a thin line called the registry path that appears along the way that just cover. The names of stored waypoints and nearby cities can also be displayed on the map. The bottom corners of the map always display current track and speed. When you go to a waypoint, highlighting a waypoint on screen, or using the reticle of the aim of pan, the distance and bearing corresponding are shown in the upper corners of the map. The upper part of the screen contains the fields of zoom, Pan and configuration.

Garmin GPS 12 Specifications
Case Waterproof
Size 146x51x3.4cm
Weight Approx 9.5 ounces (269g) w/batteries
Temperature  Range 5 to 158F
Receiver 12 parallel channel, differential-ready
Acquisition time  Apporx 15 seconds (warm start)
Apporx 45 seconds (cold start)
Apporx 15 minutes (AutoLocate)
Update Rate 1/second, continuous
Position Accuracy 1-5 meters (3-7 ft) with DGPS corrections
15 meters (49 ft) RMS
Velocity Accuracy 0.1 knot RMS steady state
Dynamics 6g
Input Four 1.5 volt AA batteries or 5-8 vDC
Power Consumption 1 watt
Internal Backup lithium battery
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