Pioneer AVH X1500DVD Manual

Pioneer AVH X1500DVD ManualDownload or view Pioneer AVH X1500DVD Manual - Thank you for purchasing this pioneer product. To actually ensure proper use, please scan through this manual before using this product. It's especially crucial for you scan and observe warnings and cautions during this manual. Please keep the manual utilizing a safe and accessible place for future reference. Please browse all of them directions regarding your show and retain them for future reference. Get one of the away from your equipment by taking part in it for a safe level—a level that lets the sound come through clearly while not annoying blaring or distortion and, most importantly, while not affecting your sensitive hearing. Sound might well be deceiving. As time passes, your hearing “comfort level” adapts to higher volumes of sound, thus what sounds “normal” may in fact be loud and harmful to actually your hearing. Guard against this by setting your equipment for a safe level before your hearing adapts.

No more than dvd video discs with compatible region numbers can possibly be played within this player. You can notice the region range as to the player by the bottom with this unit and during this manual ( refer to specifications on page sixty five ). This unit features variety of sophisticated functions to firmly ensure superior reception and operation. All the functions are designed for your own easiest attainable use, however many generally are not self-explanatory. This operation manual facilitate you'>will assist you to profit absolutely from this unit’s potential and maximize your listening enjoyment. 

This manual uses diagrams of actual screens to firmly describe operations. Though, the screens on a few units might not match those shown during this manual counting on the model used. In these following directions, usb memory sticks and usb audio players are collectively brought up as “usb storage device”. During this manual, ipod and iphone will surely be brought up as “ipod”

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