HP Deskjet 3055A Manual

HP Deskjet 3055A Manual - Auto Power-Off is automatically enabled by default when you turn on the printer. When Auto Power-Off is enabled, the printer automatically turns off after 2 hours of inactivity to help reduce energy use. Auto Power-Off is automatically disabled when the printer establishes a wireless or Ethernet (if supported) network connection. You can change the Auto Power-Off setting from the control panel. Once you change the setting, the printer maintains the setting. Auto Power-Off turns the printer off completely, so you must use the power button to turn the printer back on.

For maximum dpi resolution, go to the Paper/Quality tab and select Photo Paper, Best Quality from the Media drop-down list. Then go to the Advanced tab and select Yes from the Print in Max DPI drop-down list. If you want to print Max DPI in grayscale, select High Quality Grayscale from Print in Grayscale on the drop-down list, and then select Max DPI, after selecting Photo Paper, Best Quality.

The ePrint feature on your product provides convenience printing that allows you to print from anywhere. Once enabled, ePrint assigns an email address to your product. To print, simply send an email containing your document to that address. You can print images, Word, PowerPoint, and PDF documents. It's easy!

The copy menu on the printer display allows you to easily select number of copies and color or black and white for copying on plain paper. For more advanced settings, such as changing the paper type and size, adjusting the darkness of the copy, and resizing the copy, select Settings from the Copy Menu. You can initiate a scan from the control panel of the printer or from your computer. Scan from the control panel if you want to quickly scan one page to an image file. Scan from your computer if you want to scan multiple pages into one file, define the file format of the scan, or make adjustments to the scanned image.

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