LG HBS-700 Manual

LG HBS-700 Manual - The LG Bluetooth Stereo Headset HBS-700 is a lightweight wireless headset that uses Bluetooth technology. This product can be used as an audio accessory for devices supporting either the A2DP or Hands-Free Bluetooth Profile. When the charger is connected, powered on or off, the headset will turn off. During charging, the LED indicator will show a solid red light. After charging, the LED indicator will turn off. A low battery tone will sound every 30 seconds. If the battery is not charged, the headset turns off. Before using your headset for the first time, you must pair it with a Bluetooth-enabled device. There are 2 methods of pairing with the HBS-700.

In multiple modes, only a device can be used to make/receive calls, and other device connected only used to transmit audio. -To enter in multiple connection modes: connect your HBS-700 to the device that you want to use to make calls. Turn off the HBS-700 place the HBS-700 in pairing mode and connect/connect to an audio device with stereo Bluetooth (not with your phone). (This only with stereo Bluetooth-enabled audio device must support the A2DP profiles / AVRCP, not profiles headset/hands-free) Once the stereo device is plugged in and connected, press the CALL button once in the HBS-700 to reconnect with the handset (only the headset/hands-free profile will be connected). The headset is now paired with profile handsfree/headset HBS-700. Audio enabled with Bluetooth Stereo device is paired with A2DP Stereo profiles / AVRCP.

If the HBS-700 is off (accidentally or intentionally) while it is connected to a headset, the headset and the handset will be switched off. The headset and the handset is reconectarán automatically when the HBS-700 back on while you are in the range. If paired devices are separated by a range of 10 meters (33 feet) or more, the headset and the handset will be switched off. If the headset and the handset are not reconnected automatically when they are back within the required range, briefly press the CALL button on the HBS-700 to connect it manually.

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